Benefits of Endospheres

Reshapes the shape of your body

Due to the micro-vibration, the skin is reshaped and imperfections and wrinkles are corrected and smoothed.

Firming the Skin
Endospheres works by means of a roller device consisting of 55 hypo allergenic silicone spheres that generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations and stimulates the skin layer. It reshapes the skin and smoothes wrinkles. This ensures that the Cellulite on your skin is greatly reduced or even removed. Skin rejuvenation is also stimulated by removing the wrinkles. This skin treatment is very effective and ensures that your skin is smoothed. With this treatment you can skip Botox and replace it with a natural treatment.

Muscle strengthening
Endospheres firms the muscles and firms the tissue of the skin. This treatment lifts your skin naturally. Local fat burning is well stimulated with this treatment.

Analgesic effect
Endospheres improves oxygenation and eliminates pain

Wicks moisture from the body
Endospheres eliminates toxins and promotes moisture removal from your body. This treatment is very effective in treating of Edema. This allows you to lose weight without following a special diet program.

Relaxation massage, Neck massage, Back massage and Body massage

During a treatment, your skin is deeply massaged so that you experience a relaxation massage that ensures that the body relaxes and calms down. Especially the shoulders, neck and back can be massaged very well.