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For man and women who want to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle & beauty for powerful man and women!

To what extent are you satisfied with your body and your lifestyle? What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Are you not satisfied with your body? Do you also suffer from cellulite and irregularities on your legs, stomach and buttocks? Or do you retain fluids in places such as your abdomen, waist, arms or calves? Then I can imagine that you are not satisfied when you look in the mirror!


We women want to feel good about how we look. Looking in the mirror ''feeling and thinking'' that you can be there or rather that you get so much satisfaction that you can take on the world! Who wouldn't want to wear shorts in the summer without cellulite and imperfections making you feel ashamed or dissatisfied? Put on that short sweater that shows off your flat stomach! It is certainly not impossible, in fact, we have found the solution!

The VJ Lifestyle program offers a tailor-made package for every woman. It's affordable for everyone. The new concept was conceived by the owner of VJ Lifestyle. She has developed a formula aimed at fast and responsible weight loss, improvement of the body contours, stabilization at the target weight and the optimization of general health. We do this through body treatments of Endospheres, B-Tonic, Lymph drainage massage, Cavitation + Radiofrequency, Lipolaser and Wood therapy. They provide cellulite removal, muscle building & local fat burning. In addition, you also get a tight skin and the moisture has a wicking effect and has a pain-relieving effect. You can also opt for an upgrade with your personal lifestyle coach who guides you to a healthy lifestyle that suits you through nutrition and sports guidance. This combination together ensures a sustainable result. After the trajectory you know everything about your healthy lifestyle and you can pick it up yourself.


VJ Lifestyle is a health clinic specialized in Beauty, Lifestyle, Health and Nutrion. We are introducing two new products to the Dutch market called Endrospheres & B-Tonic. The B-Tonic ensures muscle growth and fat burning and the Endospheres ensures smooth skin.

We also provide aftercare for customers who have recently undergone surgery. The after lipo massage is a treatment that is performed after a liposuction, abdominoplasty, Brazilian butt lift or other procedures. During these treatments, emphasis is placed on the recovery of the body after the procedure by means of Brazilian Lymdrainage After Lipo Massages. We focus on a healthy recovery and a beautiful result. In addition to manual lymph drainage massage, we also work in combination with infrared light and ultrasound treatments. It is possible to book a separate treatment. The after lipo massage is best applied in pakkage form. We recommend an average of 10 to 20 treatments 2 times a week for the best result.


VJ Lifestyle was founded from my experience and background as a beautician and psychosocial therapist. I have seen that there is a need for a formula that is not yet being applied and that is why I have designed a program that helps women to become stronger physically and mentally and to take better care of themselves.


My mission as a lifestyle coach is to teach people to gradually improve their lifestyle in order to realize a sustainable change in lifestyle with the ultimate goal of achieving weight loss, improving physical fitness, realizing better health and improving health. the quality of life.

VJ LifeStyle © is a brand that focuses on the most important needs of life.

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