Are you not satisfied with your body? Do you also suffer from cellulite and irregularities on your legs, stomach and buttocks? Or do you retain moisture in places such as your stomach, waist, arms or calves? Then I can imagine that you are not satisfied when you look in the mirror!


We women want to feel good about how we look. Looking in the mirror "feeling and thinking" that you can be there or rather that you get so much satisfaction that you can take on the world! Who wouldn't want to wear shorts in the summer without cellulite and blemishes making you feel shame or dissatisfied? Put on that short sweater that shows your flat stomach! It is certainly not impossible, in fact, we have found the solution!


The VJ Lifestyle Endospheres program offers a tailored package for every woman. It is affordable for everyone. The new concept was devised by the owner of VJ Lifestyle. She has developed a formula aimed at fast and responsible weight loss, improvement of body contours, stabilization at the target weight and the optimization of overall health. We do this through Endospheres body treatments. These provide cellulite removal, tight skin, moisture and fat removal. You can also opt for an upgrade with your personal lifestyle coach who guides you to a healthy lifestyle that suits you through nutrition and sports guidance. This combination together ensures a sustainable result. After the process you will know everything about your healthy lifestyle and you can tackle it yourself.


VJ Lifestyle is a health clinic specialized in Beauty, Lifestyle, Health and Nutrion. We are introducing a new product on the Dutch market called Endrospheres.

Endospheres is een niet-invasieve cellulite body contouring behandeling voor vermindering van lichaamsomvang en cellulite. Endospheres stelt u in staat om op een veilig manier een strak gelijnde en goed gevormd lichaam te bereiken. Endospheres biedt revolutionaire resultaten zonder hersteltijd of significante ongemak. Endospheres is veel sterker dan andere anti-cellulite apparatuur door middel van een krachtige mechanische bindweefselmassage genaamd microvibratie.


Endrospheres contains the latest and most effective technology for Cellulite Removal, Moisture and Fat Removal, Muscle Toning and Lifting of the skin on all areas of the body. Endrospheres ensures that your skin is nicely evened and strengthened. With Endospheres you can also follow a weight loss program where you get guidance in nutrition, exercise and a gadget to track your progression. Because the Endospheres treatment together with healthy food are leading, you can lose weight with little sport.


The Eva facial from Endospheres brings together three phases to provide a solution for total skin rejuvenation, skin care and contouring. The non-invasive, needle-free facial makes people rethink their normal facial routine! Evolution and innovation are central to the development of a system that delivers excellent results without downtime. Drawing on years of expertise in treating the body, the Eva Facial offers a total solution for the face.


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