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VJ Lifestyle is a full service beauty salon in the coaching, beauty, wellness and lifestyle industry, supplemented with a range of relevant beauty and health products that are also sold through our webshop. The Netherlands does not yet have a concept where all beauty wellness & lifestyle counseling treatments are offered in combination. Apart from the convenience that a Full service beauty salon offers, the distinctiveness compared to other providers is the creation of an experience. This is reflected in the following matters: environment, reception, service, professionalism, flexibility, quality and personal approach.


Eyebrows and Lashes

One by One extensions

The one by one technique makes your lashes fuller and longer and provides a natural effect. One false eyelash is applied to each eyelash. For people with shorter lashes who have always wanted longer and fuller lashes, this is an ideal solution.


Of course you can also go to VJ Lifestyle to have your eyebrows epilation   by means of waxing or epilation. With this technique we can create any eyebrow shape you want! This can also be done in combination with Paints.

Lash Lift

Eyelash lifting treatment During this treatment we lift and dye your lashes for a natural lifted effect that remains visible for 6 to 8 weeks.

Make-up styles

Do you have a special occasion and would you like to have make-up applied? The make-up artist of VJ Lifestyle chooses the make-up that best suits your face so that your natural beauty comes to the fore. For example, make-up is applied using various techniques and products and you can leave the door radiant.

Dag & Soft make-up

This is the most natural and light make up variant in our salon. We recommend this make-up especially to ladies who wear little or no make-up on a daily basis. The focus is mainly on a beautiful, even skin with a soft glance.

Signature Make-Up

This is our most chosen make up. Suitable for ladies who are used to make up on a daily basis and who are getting ready for a special or more festive occasion. The focus is on beautiful expressive eyes, perfect eyebrows with a radiant and slightly bronzed skin.

Glamour make-up 

Make up vloggers, Kim Kardashians and many Arab ladies are already fans of this look. Base made up of multiple layers, contouring, baking, lashes and highlights all the way. Not suitable for make-up greens. But if you are already used to it and really want to shine, this is your look. This look is a real eye-catcher and you should prepare yourself for many compliments!

Hair Styles

Are you looking for a quick and easy haircut? Then this hairstyle is for you! You can go for a loose look or a sleek look for a job application or a special evening.

Face Treatments


Treatment with a Dermapen can improve the skin and reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles. During a Dermapen treatment, channels are formed in the skin by means of small needles. This stimulates the skin to make new cells so that the skin recovers faster.

Microdermabrasie with diamant 

Diamond Microdermabrasion is a technique to visibly improve the condition of the skin painlessly and without allergic reactions. The Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment removes your dead skin cells with the help of sterile diamond attachments and stimulates the underlying skin layers to improve blood flow and collagen production. As a result, your skin renews itself and slows down the aging process. The younger, healthy skin cells appear immediately. This treated skin layer is then able to absorb nutrients easily.

Mandelic Peel - Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a skin treatment to treat large areas such as your entire or parts of your face. With it you can rejuvenate your skin and treat certain skin problems. This makes wrinkles, pigment spots, sun damage and irregularities less visible. During the treatment, the top layer of skin is removed with a chemical abrasive. After that, the skin will recover and it will look fresher and younger.

VJ Glow - Anti-aging 40+ - MCCM

This is an anti-ageing treatment suitable for mature and ageing skin, regenerates skin cells, significantly reduces wrinkles, sagging and blemishes, and hydrates the skin. Treatment resulting in a unique mask that aligns with the serum that has been specially designed for this treatment; stimulates an action of elasticity and vitality of the skin, resulting in a more hydrated and revitalized skin.

It is a suitable anti-aging treatment for mature and aging skin and sensitive skin. This treatment allows the renewal of skin cells, visibly reducing wrinkles, sagging and blemishes, hydrating the skin, making it smoother and firmer.

VJ Champagne- Anti-aging - MCCM

The MCCM Champagne Pack is highly recommended for skin care. This cocktail of active ingredients and champagne,a luxury product, ensures a surprising result. Its effect results in a perfectly smooth and radiant skin.
The Champagne Pack has been designed for all skin types. The combined actions remove all dead skin from the face and tighten pores to protect the skin from aggression. The Champagne Pack has been designed to create a skin peel. The mixture of tartar and ascorbic acids as well as the presence of baking soda make this product the ideal treatment for a smooth exfoliation. With each use, the products effectively eliminate all old epithelial cells for the renewal of the epidermis.
The combination of chemical, enzymatic and micromechanical actions gives the skin all its youth. Its quick action can be seen from the first session. This Pack is also a treatment that reduces the effects of the passage of time on the skin.

VJ Whitening- Pigmentatie - MCCM

The Melano Whitening MCCM is a professional treatment designed to adjust melanic imperfections. An assortment of products and solutions makes it possible to effectively treat the epidermis and ensure its maintenance.
Its formula has been designed to ensure skin whitening. Thanks to the treatment, the epidermis becomes thinner while having a uniform complexion. The composition of the product also ensures that the health of the skin is maintained perfectly.

The Melano Whitening Professional treatment includes a variety of skin-acting products. They treat the surface of the skin for a more natural lightening result. The complexion is bleached to clear unsightly melanic spots. The skin is also toned and regenerated.

Hair removal - Waxing

Waxing is a temporary hair removal method that removes the hair with the root. Shaving and using depilatory creams leave the roots intact, so your hair grows back with stubble. With waxing, your hair stays away on average 3 to 5 weeks longer. It comes back softer and less and less.

Body Treatments

B-Tonic (EM SCULPT) Muscle strengthening & Fat burning

Booster Package 4 sessions

The effects are visible as early as two to four weeks after the last session and last up to 6 months A B-TONIC session lasts 20 to 30 minutes!

One session per month is recommended to maintain the effects obtained.



The electromagnetic waves are able to induce 36,000 supra-maximal muscle contractions that are not achievable by normal physical activity (in just 30 min).



– 4cm Average circumference reduction

-19 % Average fat reduction

+16% Average increase in muscle mass

Endospheres Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Shapes your body

Our non-surgical Endospheres therapy technique reshapes areas of the body where fatty deposits can accumulate that are difficult to remove. This buildup can occur on the arms, back, waist, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. But luckily, our treatment can adapt to fight fatty deposits in each of these areas.


Endospheres irons Cellulite tight

Cellulite is a nasty condition that affects the body of 9 out of 10 people - men and women. This is caused by the presence of poor circulation. Endospheres therapy works with precision on cellulite thanks to its 5 synergistic actions and reduces the infamous 'orange peel' by improving blood circulation and smoothing the tissues of the problem areas.


Fights excess fluid in the legs

If you've ever felt heavy legs, ankles, and feet, it's the result of inefficient blood and lymph circulation in the lower extremities. An increased volume of stagnant blood leads to feelings of discomfort and mobility problems. Endospheres therapy, thanks to compressive microvibration reactivates the blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. Eliminate the heavy leg problem in a quick and effective way.

Lymfedrainage Massages

VJ Lifestyle has a new treatment, this special Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage technique. Brazil is the second largest market for Beauty where specialists are constantly looking for the best and most effective results.


The Lymphatic Drainage massage is a new slimming massage, which aims to eliminate cellulite, fight moisture retention, thus reduce swelling, detoxify the body and directly reduce body size.


The result is even immediately visible after the first session. This is due to remodeling the body and redefining the muscles. Afterwards, the client feels immensely relaxed after the massage.

After Lipo Massages

After lipomassage or post-operative massages are highly recommended after surgery. Massage after liposuction is very decisive for the final result of your body.


Fifty percent of the end result is the surgeon's work and the other half is proper aftercare. After the operation, hardening and a bumpy skin structure may develop.


The hardenings are usually the result of the inflammatory process and tissue damage. In addition, swelling is caused by a reaction to the cannula (the device that removes the fat cells).


This causes the tissue to swell with moisture. The abdominal area is especially sensitive to this.

The massage after liposuction is performed by means of manual Lymphatic Drainage, which is a massage of the skin to support and stimulate the lymphatic system.


This ensures that your lymphatic system reactivates and the excess fluid can be easily drained. We also use ultrasound, which minimizes bruising and swelling and we use radio frequency and infrared to tighten the skin.