Body treatments

Endospheres therapy is based on the principle of compression micro-vibration. That is almost comparable to an anti cellulite massage. The mouthpiece is a cylinder with 55 hypoallergenic silicone spheres. Endospheres therapy helps with the following problems:
- Cellulite removal
- Skin firming
- Moisture removal
- Unwanted body shapes due to fat deposits
- Not an even skin tone
- Local fat deposits (problem areas in women)
- Reduces edema
- Reduces muscle pain
Slimming is stimulated by the pulse and rhythmic effect caused by a rotating cylinder on the lymphatic system and improves the removal of moisture from the body. As a result, excess moisture is removed from the tissues, making you slimmer.

Operations Endosphers 

Pain relief
The studies have shown that compressive micro-vibration acts on mechanreceptors and inflammation, in all patients the therapy has shown a decrease and / or elimination of pain.

Body contours
The method works by means of compression and vibration, using the muscle as an active resistance, allowing the fat parts to be compressed and stimulated, and to reshape them.

Lymphatic drainage
The Endospheres therapy produces a pulsating and rhythmic action induced by the cylinder direction. It acts on the lymphatic system and eliminates the excess fluids typical of the lymphatic system.

Action on the vascular system
The specificity of the bulbs causes pressures and lifts. This movement is like a vascular gymnastic that improves microcirculation in the treated areas.

Before and after
Endospheres Therapy is a non-invasive treatment with amazing results in just a few sessions.

Explore the gallery with the before and after results.

Eva Facelift treatment

The Eva facial from Endospheres brings together three phases to give a solution for total skin rejuvenation, skin conditioning and contouring. The non-invasive no needle facial has people rethinking their normal facial routine! Evolution and innovation is the key focus in the development of a system that produces excellent results without downtime. Using the years of expertise in treating the body the Eva Facial offers a complete solution for the face. 

What does it treat?

The Eva facial not only rejuvenates the skin it also helps with;

• Perioral Lip area

• Crow’s Feet

• Forehead area

• Nasolabial fold area (laughter lines)

• Cheekbone area

• Glabella Area

• Décolleté

• Neck and neckline area


With the Eva Facial you can combat all of these problems at the same time with three simple steps.

How does it work?

The Eva Facial, unlike most facials, is a three step process. These 3 steps all play a vital role in giving you the results you want.

Step 1-  MAS Sensorised Ablative Microvibration

This step uses gel spheres which are on a rotation axis which is offset by 13.7 degrees. This traction and mechanical movement of the spheres result in the ablation of the upper layers of the skin.

The results of step 1 are;

• Thorough exfoliation

• Brightens the skin

• Stimulation of cell regeneration

• Elimination of toxins

• Evens out the complexion


Step 2- Face compressive microvibration

Step 2 of the Eva Facial includes the latest development of the use of compressive microvibration techniques. The gel microspheres then reduce the friction and accurately deliver the microvibration with precision.

The results with step 2 are;

• Smooths wrinkles

• Lifts the cheeks

• Plumps the lips

• Shapes the facial contours

• Tunes the skin

• Relaxes the facial expression muscles


Step 3- VEV Vitro-electro Vehiculation

VEV uses transdermal electroporation and works on the pores, which are opened by the Face and MAS treatment. This allows 90% of the selected product to reach the deeper layers of the skin.

The final results with step 3 are;

• Reduced bags under the eyes

• Eliminated dark circles

• Even complexion

• Activated cellular metabolism

•Deep nourishment of the skin


The Eva Facial treatment is perfect to add to your skin routine, it’ll allow you to get that fully rejuvenated feel without all the needles, chemicals and downtime.