Our practice is located in the bustling heart of Scheveningen-Bad, diagonally opposite the Holland Casino and the adjacent Kurhaus. In addition, it is within walking distance of the popular Palacepromenade.


Address Gevers Deynootweg 126C-E (2586 BP) The Hague.

The renovated boulevard of Scheveningen has become an attractive pedestrian promenade thanks to the design of the Spanish architect Mauel de Solá-Morales. The boulevard is surrounded by all kinds of attractions such as Sea Life, Discovery Center and Legoland as well as various restaurants and catering establishments. The beach bars are also open all year round, which ensures more liveliness. With Pathé Scheveningen and the Circustheater in the immediate vicinity, as well as the completely renovated Scheveningen Pier, Scheveningen-Bad is a very attractive and vibrant area.



Various parking options in the nearby parking garages BKS parking Kurhaus (250 parking spaces) and BKS parking Nieuwe Parklaan (570 parking spaces) as well as BKS parking beach (2030 parking spaces). It is also possible to park along the road and in the Scheveningen district.

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