Terms and Conditions

- VJ LifeStyle does not provide medical massages. In the event of medical complaints, you should consult your treated doctor or specialist before undergoing treatment.
- VJ LifeStyle does not provide erotic massages, applications during a treatment are not appreciated, and the treatment will be stopped immediately.
Intake and your health
- If you have medical complaints, are you being treated by a doctor or specialist, or if you are taking medicines that affect the ability to react, you must report this.
- Important for women: if you are pregnant, or in the run-up to becoming one, you must report this. You should also report this prior to treatment if the pregnancy is going to be difficult.
- You are responsible for passing on important information regarding the health of yourself or your child
- All your personal and medical information will never be provided to third parties without your written permission.
Exclusion from participation and treatment:
- VJ LifeStyle reserves the right to exclude a client from participation or treatment.
- If unable to attend, it is appreciated to report this as soon as possible via telephone number 06-25655566 or by email: info@endospheres.nl
–  Cancellation of an assignment/appointment is possible up to 24 hours before the start, by telephone or email. After this, the costs will be charged. The cost is 100% of the treatment. If you have already paid for a package, the package will be processed. The treatment is deducted from the package.
Refund or takeover
- Treatments booked and paid by you will not be refunded. Treatments can also not be exchanged or transferred to third parties.
- You book your appointment online or by phone. After indicating the desired treatment and indicating a desired date, you pay a subscription in full, unless you book a single treatment, you can pay cash or by transfer in our salon after each treatment.
Cancel appointment
- If unable to attend, it is appreciated to report this as soon as possible via telephone number or e-mail: 0625655566, Info@endospheres.nl
Cancellation of an assignment / appointment is possible up to 24 hours before the start, by telephone or e-mail. After this, the costs will be charged. 50% of the treatment, We use the 50% of the original price of the treatment, regardless of whether you have an action / promotional discount or other offer. After the first reminder, we will impose a fine of € 20, and as soon as we are forced to go to a collection agency, these costs will be entirely for the client.
- Payments already made will never be refunded!
Move appointment
- Changing an appointment must be done at least 24 hours before the start of treatment. If you do not reschedule the appointment 24 hours before the start of the treatment, or you arrive later than agreed, you are not entitled to the reserved time. If you only show up at your appointment later, only part of the treatment can be done. If the client arrives at the salon more than five minutes up to and including fifteen minutes later than the agreed time, VJ LifeStyle may reduce the lost time on the treatment and still charge the entire fee of the treatment to the client.
- Example: You have reserved from 09:00 to 10:00 for an Endospheres treatment of 60 minutes. Due to traffic jam, you are only at your appointment at 09.30, 30 minutes later than planned, you are then still entitled to 30 minutes of treatment. If this is insufficient time for the treatment that you had planned, you can choose another treatment if possible or have part of the treatment carried out.
- Cancellation or rescheduling is only possible via info@endospheres.nl or by telephone 06-25655566.
Payments already made will never be refunded!
- You are undergoing cosmetic treatment on which no guarantees can be given. The client has read and understood the agreement and if there were any questions, they were asked and answered. The client has truthfully completed the intake form and will immediately report any changes. VJ LifeStyle is not liable for risks, as mentioned earlier, the treatment is at your own risk