After Lipo Massage

After lipomassage or post-operative massages are highly recommended after surgery. Massage after liposuction is very decisive for the final result of your body.


Fifty percent of the end result is the surgeon's work and the other half is proper aftercare. After the operation, hardening and a bumpy skin structure may develop.


The hardenings are usually the result of the inflammatory process and tissue damage. In addition, swelling is caused by a reaction to the cannula (the instrument that removes the fat cells).


This causes the tissue to swell with moisture. The abdominal area is especially sensitive to this.


The massage after liposuction is performed by means of manual lymphatic drainage, which is a massage of the skin to support and stimulate the lymphatic system.


This ensures that your lymphatic system reactivates and the excess fluid can be easily drained. We also use ultrasound, which minimizes bruising and swelling and we use radio frequency and infrared to tighten the skin.

Benefits of After Lipo Massage

Lymph drainage is a massage technique that acts on the lymphatic system. The massage stimulates to work quickly and thereby move the lymph to the lymph nodes.


Lymph is the fluid in the vessels of the lymph nodes. It is characterized by its discosity, absence of color, as it contains organic and inorganic substances, residen and toxins.


The benefits of an after lipo massage are:

  • Boosts the immune system Reduces inflammation
  • It reduces swelling It stimulates the drainage of the excess moisture
  • It reduces pain and bruising It reduces and prevents hard lumps (fibrosis)
  • It improves your body contours


Lymfedrainage after lipo massage Prijs
1 after lipo massage (including radio frequency and infrared) € 95
10 sessions (including radio frequency and infrared) € 900
20 sessions (including radio frequency and infrared) € 1700
VIP Service sessions at home or hotel excl. travel costs € 200

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