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Think for professionals

BIOAGE is the national brand of derma cosmetics in Brazil, which has had a Research and Development department and its own factory since 2001, located in São Paulo. They develop and produce the largest and most complete line of high-quality products for both professional (aesthetic) and consumer use.


There is in fact an extensive line of derma cosmetics products that are sold by the professionals to their customer. The customer uses these products at home to, for example, give continuity to the treatment.


From Brazil to the world Today

Bioage serves the beauty professionals through more than 50 franchise organizations in Brazil and in more than 20 countries worldwide (North and South America, Europe and Asia).


Environmentally aware

Bioage stands for safety and commitment to the environment. They have full control over the entire production chain, because they have their own laboratories and factory, which allows them to guarantee this safety and dedication. It is important that no animal testing is carried out and that the waste is properly disposed of and processed. Bioage confirms its commitment and commitment to the environment, among other things by means of the eurecycle seal. This organization allocates resources to recycling cooperatives, which together remove an amount of material from the environment equal to the amount of packaging used by Bioage for its products. In this way, environmental compensation for the impact of the packaging material used is guaranteed. In addition, in its professional treatments, Bioage has replaced the paper boxes and plastic containers with reusable goods, avoiding tons of waste.



BIO-NANO SLIM (known as the Technological DNA) is composed of 4 active substances that act quickly and precisely and form a base that is fully compatible with the physiology of the skin, promotes the permeability of the active substances and provides a greater intracellular interaction resulting in high performance results.



Consists of applying encapsulated caffeine to the skin, allowing it to penetrate the skin in the stratum corneum and remain in the skin safely and effectively for 24 hours